Over 250 Professors

“ForClass also allowed for easy review of the assignments and the ability to easily use analytics as a means to enhance class discussion, and greatly enhanced student accountability for case assignments.”
Prof. Phil Greenwood
University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Shockingly easy to use…It does create this level of accountability which is really useful. And the gasp in the class the first time I clicked on a bar and they saw faces – it was wonderful. The tool is great!”
Marketing Professor
Northwestern University
“ForClass made it both easier, and almost more obligatory, for students to diligently prepare for class discussions. Student preparation rose significantly…a great way to conduct the actual case discussion.”
Prof. Gary Ottley
Babson College
“It was very powerful to go in the classroom and know who answered what. I could lead an entire discussion without saying a word myself. There is a much richer discussion between the students.”
Operations Professor
Northwestern University
“It was invaluable to see the ‘spread’ of solutions and understand the different thought processes behind each answer. I plan to use ForClass in future undergraduate and graduate courses.”
Prof. Eyal Benjamin
Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College
“One of the more substantial tools allowing me to plow through the teaching and make a significant and meaningful impact. Effective in helping quiet students participate in the discussion.”
Prof. Moran Cerf
Northwestern University
“The simplicity and elegance of ForClass is its strength; the visual display of different student perspectives provides an immediate learning impact allowing for a much deeper dive into students’ understanding and reasoning than discussion alone.”
Prof. Robert Rubin
DePaul University
“[My class] liked that it pulled all the readings for the class into one place and the questions held them accountable to reading and preparing for class. It also helped me to get each student involved in the discussions as they knew their pictures would be up on the screen and I would ask them to share their analyses and recommendations.”
Prof. Holly Brower
Wake Forest University
“I have found ForClass to be an astonishingly powerful pedagogic tool. I teach an intellectual history course to a class of 300 students, and I embed questions into texts by writers such as Aristotle, Confucius, Immanuel Kant, and Adam Smith. My students are reading much more carefully, and I am able to structure class discussions much more effectively. This one is a keeper!”
Prof. Jeff Lehman, History
NYU Shanghai
“I used ForClass in my history class “The Concept of China” in fall 2014 at NYU Shanghai. Every week I sent the team a set of questions which were immediately posted on my class site, with notification to the students. The students liked it because it served as a study guide and helped them think about what they were reading, and I liked it both because it forced the students to read more slowly and carefully and because I could ask question in class based on the ForClass answers instead of having to cold-call on students. So I taught well prepared students and wasted class time was greatly reduced. The way ForClass allows you to see individual or aggregated answers is also helpful. It has definitely enhanced the teaching and learning experience.”
Prof. Joanna Waley-Cohen, Provost
NYU Shanghai
“I have used ForClass for my Real Estate Finance and Investments course several times, and I feel it has led to significantly improved class discussion relative to when I taught without the tool. ForClass seamlessly integrates with my school’s LMS (Canvas) and ensures my students arrive better prepared to class and as a result, class discussions are more engaging. ForClass makes it easy for me to know in advance exactly how students responded to my discussion questions, so I know exactly on which students to call in order to generate a productive dialogue. I look forward to using ForClass in my future courses.”
Prof. Craig Furfine
Northwestern University
“ForClass has led to improved accountability, preparation, and engagement by the students and has improved the achievement of their learning outcomes.”
Prof. Roberto Garcia
Indiana University

Nearly 50,000 Students

  • I like the prep requirements even on days assignments aren’t due because it helps me focus on the most critical questions and be more engaged in class.
  • The use of ForClass really made discussions and assignments more interesting, as something changes when you know your results are going to be shown to the class.
  • ForClass cases make sure that I understand the material.

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