Students today have more distractions than any earlier generation. The rise of technology has ushered in an unprecedented era of constant connectedness, and with it, almost limitless interruptions. How can professors help students to focus on the assigned material, and be sure that they’ve prepared for their next class?

Traditional instructional tools like slides and clickers—and the antiquated lecture itself—aren’t getting the job done efficiently or effectively. Professors spend hours preparing for class, hoping that students do the same. But tedious submission processes and unintuitive technologies are a major obstacle. The result? Students lack engagement and real-world preparation. And they’re certainly not inspired to become lifelong learners outside the classroom.

Edtech by Academics: A Professor-Developed Solution

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the old adage goes. So when Professor Gad Allon, a faculty member in Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business, saw an issue within his own classrooms—despite the fact that he was an award-winning instructor—he sought to solve it.

What he created represents a new paradigm for teaching academic materials and concepts: engaging your students and increasing accountability through guided access to content such as case studies, articles and problem sets, supplying you with real-time student performance and assessment analytics.

Now, professors from diverse disciplines like history, neuroscience, marketing and entrepreneurship are using it every day, citing its simplicity and positive impact on discussions.

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