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What is ForClass?
ForClass is the first and only fully integrative, cloud-based learning platform for content distribution, student assessment and classroom management.
What benefits does ForClass provide?
  • The main benefit ForClass provides is improved student engagement through accountability. This is achieved while reducing the time instructors have to spend collecting data and reading responses to assignments submitted by their students. The system offers a one-stop, fully integrative solution for:
    • Content (either case studies, reading material or your content)
    • Assessment (questions of a variety of types)
    • Answer entry and validation
    • Analytics
    • Student management system (allowing you to track their submissions and provide feedback)
  • Analysis of student answers prior tclass discussion
    • Come prepared knowing the distribution of opinions
    • Focus the discussion on answers from which the class can learn
  • Push asymmetric information to allow different groups of students tplay different roles and provide them different information accordingly.
  • Use case studies published by the best researchers in the field
    • Customize the questions so they fit your exact needs
    • Save time and improve quality of material used
    • Have others use your cases
  • Achieve student engagement through accountability
What are the unique features offered by ForClass?
Reverse Lookup enables the instructor to approach a student based on his/her actual answer on the projected chart, saving invaluable class discussion time (otherwise you might call on a student without knowing his/her answer, which could result in an irrelevant tangent).

  •  We enable student specific data push, which is essential for classes where you want to push asymmetric information based on the student’s role in the case.
  •  Support group head-to-head comparison.
  •  Keyword analysis for open text questions.
How does ForClass differ from clickers?
ForClass Clickers
Deployment Provide content in any textual format, or use a preloaded case from ForClass’s library Define the questions and answers repeatedly for each
Group submissions Supported Not supported
Interaction with students In and out of class In class only (intended use)
Use case studies prepared by others and have others use your case studies Supported Not supported
Case study content Included and fully supported Not included
Do ForClass cases include multimedia?
Yes, our cases include video and audio components.
What types of questions does ForClass support?
ForClass supports the following question types:

  1. Yes/No
  2. Numeric
  3. Multiple-choice
  4. Multiple-select – all that apply
  5. Open text

Answers are validated to conform to the expected type – if we want a numerical value answer, student won’t be able to answer with text.

How do I deal with open text questions?
Our Keyword Analysis algorithm generates a word cloud showing the most commonly used words and phrases in student responses.
Is there a student limit per class?
Can I see the students responses as they are entered?
Yes, enabling you to pre-select which answers you would like spending time discussing, and on which students you wish to call, during your next class.
Which schools are currently using ForClass?
A partial list includes:

  • Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
  • Penn State University
  • Kelley School of Business at Indiana University
  • Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley
  • Dartmouth College
  • Columbia Graduate School of Business
  • University of Southern California
  • UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • The Business School for the World | INSEAD
  • Vlerick Business School
  • London Business School
  • Babson College
  • University of Michigan
  • McGill University
  • University of Texas in Austin
  • Columbia University
  • New York University
  • ForClass is also being used by corporate customers as part of executive education programs.



Which devices does ForClass support?
We support all devices: desktops, laptops and tablets (iOS and Android).
Which browsers does ForClass support?
Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE (may encounter some issues with IE versions older than 9).
Do I have to buy any hardware?


How much will ForClass cost me as an instructor?
It will not cost you anything. Professors receive free access to the ForClass dashboard and their students’ cases and questions.
What is the pricing model?
We charge per student per case.
As a professor, can I test the platform free of charge?
Certainly. We would be happy to create a “sandbox” case set for you with five demo students.
How is ForClass purchased?
We charge per student and offer several purchasing options:
a. The case/course-pack office pays a fee directly to ForClass based on the number of students and cases.
b. Students pay directly via Paypal (credit card).
c. Fee is already included in tuition (the typical model for Executive Education courses).



What content does ForClass currently offer?
We offer hundreds of case studies covering all business topics and subjects, including marketing, finance, operations, strategy, entrepreneurship and real estate, among others. Visit our Case Marketplace page for a complete list.
I am interested in using ForClass cases in my class. What are the next steps I should take?
Select a case (or cases) from the Case Marketplace.

  • Send us your course roster (student names and emails) and, preferably, students photos.
  • Provide the dates on which you would like us to distribute the cases to your students, and when you plan to lecture each case.
  • We will distribute your cases accordingly, and aggregate and analyze student response to help you prepare for an engaging class discussion.
Can I work with my own case content?
Absolutely. Simply provide us with the following:

  • Content and instructions (We will first have to clear any IP rights if required)
  • Class rosters (student names and emails) and students photos
  • Case distribution and lecture dates
  • We will distribute your cases accordingly, and aggregate and analyze student response to help you prepare for an engaging class discussion.



How do students access the ForClass platform?
Students are each given a unique username and password with which to access the ForClass platform via www.ForClass.com.
As a professor, must I use students photos?
No, but based on our experience presenting students’ pictures in the classroom significantly enhances student engagement as they feel more accountable to prepare for class. In addition, it creates a more cohesive and effective classroom discussion.
How will ForClass use the students photos?
Photos will only be shown on the ForClass platform during class at the professor’s discretion. The photos will never be reproduced, distributed to third parties or used for commercial purposes.
What if I don't have photos of my students to provide?
Don’t worry – we enable them upload their own photos.
Will ForClass communicate directly with my students?
Only once we have received your consent. We will send your students instructions about how to use the platform and access the cases uploaded to their individual accounts.


Pre-Class Preparation

As a professor, how do you recommend I prepare for class with ForClass?
  • Review the breakdown and analysis of student responses.
  • Note which responses you would like to focus on and build your plan accordingly. We suggest paying close attention to those ‘good wrong answers’ from which students can learn the most.
  • Note which students you plan to engage during class based on their answers to ensure a smooth and productive discussion.
How do you suggest I set up ForClass and my projector prior to class?
Visit www.ForClass.com and login to your account.

  • Connect your device to the projector in the classroom.
  • You can connect a tablet or a laptop. Based on professor feedback, presenting you’re your laptop is most effective.
  • Make sure your project is set to a high enough resolution to ensure students can view the entire dashboard.
How do you recommend I conduct my class with ForClass?
Open the case questions and click on the question you would like to discuss.

  • Click on the answer (text or graph format) you want to discuss. You will probably hear the students gasp when their photos pop up on the screen, showing who selected which answer. Make sure to inform students that including their photos is intended for the sole purpose of enriching the discussion. We recommend presenting this in a supportive context.
  • In most classes, the dashboard is used occasionally to move between questions and identify the next speaker. In the most effective instances, instructors used the dashboard for a total of several minutes throughout the entire duration of the class.
  • You can “flip the classroom” and ask students to re-submit their answers to a particular question based on class discussion. Because all data is aggregated in the cloud, the new set of answers will appear immediately after you refresh your browser.
Can I distribute additional content to students after I've taught a specific case?
  • Certainly. If you would like to send additional text, videos or questions to your students, just send the materials to us and let us know when you would like us to distribute them.
  • Yes, our cases include video and audio components.



Who sets the price for each case available through ForClass?
We use an “agency model” by which the author/publisher sets the price for each case.
What royalty percentage will I earn?
Please contact us for details.
Do you offer advances?
Do I have to work exclusively with ForClass?
How will my cases be offered to faculty and students?
Your cases will be offered in the ForClass marketplace.
Which publishers are already offering cases on your platform?
  • Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • Columbia Business School CaseWorks
  • Darden Business Publishing, University of Virginia
  • Independent authors

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