Step 1

Faculty creates classes and activities


Step 2

Activities are sent to students


Step 3

Faculty & students engage in
discussion during class & online

Easy Setup

Seamless integration with your class roster and cases

Engaging Solution

Turn lectures into engaging class discussions

Real Time Data

Receive instant analytics when students submit answers

Smart Calling

Identify which students gave a specific answer

Nonstop Learning

Connect with students inside & outside the classroom

Role Playing

Push specific case data to selected students based on their roles

Professors and Schools using ForClass

  • “I have found ForClass to be an astonishingly powerful pedagogic tool. My students are reading much more carefully, and I am able to structure class discussions much more effectively. This one is a keeper!”

    Jeff Lehman
    History Professor, NYU Shanghai
  • “One of the more substantial tools allowing me to plow through the teaching and make a significant and meaningful impact. Effective in helping quiet students participate in the discussion.”

    Moran Cerf
    Consumer Behavior Professor, Kellogg School of Management
  • “It was invaluable to see the ‘spread’ of solutions and understand the different thought processes behind each answer. I plan to use ForClass in future undergraduate and graduate courses.”

    Eyal Benjamin
    Entrepreneurship Professor, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College
  • “ForClass made it both easier, and almost more obligatory, for students to diligently prepare for class discussions. Student preparation rose significantly…a great way to conduct the actual case discussion.”

    Gary Ottley
    Marketing Professor, Babson College
  • “The simplicity and elegance of ForClass is its strength; the visual display of different student perspectives provides an immediate learning impact allowing for a much deeper dive into students’ understanding and reasoning than discussion alone.”

    Robert Rubin
    Management Professor, DePaul University
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