Features & Benefits

Engaging Solution

ForClass integrates with your roster; students quickly learn that you know their answers before they come to class. This transparent accountability leads to engagement both when preparing their assignments and in class.

Easy Setup

Setup is simple. Select a case from the ForClass Marketplace or use your own case. ForClass integrates seamlessly with your student roster and their LMS. Set up future cases with ease.

Instant Analytics

ForClass helps you conduct effective classroom discussions by providing real time data that allows you to build your plan for class. View an analysis of student responses to case questions and structure your lecture around the relevant responses. This allows you to “flip the class” and conduct a more efficient and interesting class session.

forclass-screenshot-compressor (1)
A word cloud generated by ForClass from text-based student answers showing the most commonly used terms and concepts

ForClass aggregates student responses and presents the data along with the picture of each student and how he or she responded to the question

Leverage Answers

Determine exactly which students to call on during class based on their responses. ForClass lets you filter out the students who selected the completely correct and incorrect answers. You can invoke the right students, highlight common mistakes and focus on ‘good wrong’ answers, exposing a diversity of opinions and driving to significant learning moments.


ForClass supports group cases and allows you to push information asymmetrically to different students. Students can role-play in various scenarios, such as negations, with each group of students receiving a unique set of information – just like in the real world.

Access to Past Instances

Professors can access response data from all cases previously used on the ForClass platform. This invaluable information enables professors to see how students in previous classes responded to a particular question, and tailor his or her current lecture accordingly.