ForClass Platform

ForClass is an HTML5, cloud-based platform that enables professors to drive higher student engagement and accountability in their classrooms, while significantly reducing the time needed to prepare for class and providing valuable tools for student assessment and class management.

The interactive ForClass platform lets you know what your students know – before they come to class – so you can facilitate an effective discussion without simply lecturing content.


Delivered as a web-based, instructor-friendly SaaS platform, ForClass seamlessly integrates with other LMS tools, offering you and your students a host of features and benefits.


Choose the Content


Prep the Content


Teach the Content

Choose the Content

Content selection – Select from thousands of cases available from our Marketplace, or send us your own case and we’ll upload it for you. ForClass can adapt any case, including supplementary multimedia, with our proprietary format and customize questions for optimized class discussion.

Roster integration – ForClass uses your class roster to distribute materials directly to students. The roster integrates seamlessly with the ForClass platform and can easily be applied to future cases that you wish to use in your courses.

Content & question distribution – Each student receives an email containing links to the relevant case texts and questions. You can customize the division of materials among students, which is especially useful for negotiation and role-playing exercises.


Prep the Content


Student response submission – Students access the case and questions and submit their responses via the ForClass platform. The ForClass algorithm analyzes open-text responses and aggregates data from other question types for you to review and use in the classroom.

Pre-class professor evaluation – Review and evaluate the data extrapolated from the student responses by ForClass. Knowing exactly how each student responded to each question allows you to focus on the questions and responses that will yield the most productive class discussions – saving valuable time before and in class.

Teach the Content

In-class managed discussion – This is when it all comes together. Equipped with analytics generated from student responses and the knowledge of how each student responded, you can leverage the best answers to facilitate fruitful discussions. Project graphs and charts generated by ForClass, and click on particular answers to project images of each student who responded to encourage and enhance discussions.

Post-class reinforcement – Continue using the ForClass platform to distribute “exit tickets” in the form of follow-up materials and questions to reinforce certain points about a particular case to your students.