Avishai Silvershatz



Avishai Silvershatz is a seasoned international private equity/venture capitalist with extensive and successful entrepreneurial and operational experience. He has a strong track record in identifying, leading and building growth companies and securing significant returns for investors. He serves as Managing Partner of Infinity, the first and by far the leading Chinese-Israeli investment firm, with approximately $800M under management. Over the years, he has been involved in dozens of deals with American, Chinese and Israeli companies, many of which resulted in exits by means of IPOs and acquisitions by leading companies. Mr. Silvershatz played a key role in a large number of Chinese-Israeli cross-border deals in all formats – investments, acquisitions, IP licensing deals, JVs, de-listings and IPOs. Two of the companies founded Mr. Silvershatz have been listed on the NASDAQ. Mr. Silvershatz is passionate about education and about educational technology companies; he has served as chairman of several companies in this field and has invested in many as well (both from Infinity funds and as an angel investor). As a veteran investor, Mr. Silvershatz enjoys sharing his expertise and know-how with entrepreneurs.