LTI Integration – Passing grades back to the LMS

The LTI 1.1 standard supports passing grades from a tool back to the LMS.

For this to work you should obviously create the Activity links in a graded context within your LMS (e.g. as Assignments in Canvas).

The standard supports passing a single percentage-based value between the systems (a number between 0 and 1), so you will have to make sure you set the same point amount for the activity in ForClass and in your LMS in order for the point-based grade to propagate correctly.

Important Notes:

  • In order for ForClass to bind to the gradebook entry for a specific student in a specific activity, that student has to launch the activity at least once via the activity link defined in the LMS. Instruct your students to do this.
    • This is important as students might access activities by navigating inside the ForClass UI instead of via the activity links in the LMS.
    • This is especially important for Group activities where potentially only one member of the group submits data. Make sure to instruct your students that everyone should launch the activity once, even if they don’t write anything.
  • Only the numeric value of the grade can be passed to the LMS. While you can enter textual evaluation comments on ForClass, these will not propagate back to the LMS.
  • Whenever you send grades back to the LMS it may create additional submission entries for your students, which may result in some “late submission” indication in the LMS. There is no known workaround for this issue currently.


  1. On ForClass, enable grading for an activity via the “graded” checkbox in the activity settings screen.
  2. In the grader screen for the activity, once done grading, go to the “Summary, Publish & Export” tab.
  3. Click “Sync to LMS”.
  4. The process of sending grades to the LMS will start and you will get detailed success/error indication for each student.